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Storing LEGO options?

AndyPolAndyPol UKMember Posts: 323
Hi all, I know there are a real mix of AFOLs from different backgrounds on this forum and I am sure that I can get some good advice from you all.

The LEGO in our house is getting all over the place and most of the models are made up and put in plastic boxes, so they can come out with much remaking as and when either me or the children want them. Due to our family LEGO addiction (although not the wife) we really want to to try and improve the storage of them. I find the making and setting up of LEGO the fun part, my daughter is similar, but my son enjoys everything, the making, breaking, building again, playing etc.

What I would like to do is be able to pack away some of the sets in some kind of order, so you don't end up with just a pile of bricks that you can never rebuild because they are all over the place.

As an example, we have the Death Star made up, and it has had such a battering over the last year as the children and I have reenacted every scene from the film (I am a great believer in playing with LEGO and building MOCs rather than reselling or just leaving the MISB on the shelf) but we would like to put it away for the time being by breaking it up and having the fun of making it again at another time. We have all the pieces, but want to keep it together and not mix it up. We would like to do the same with the creator sets we have, and some of the other SW and City sets.

What I would be interested in is how you all store your LEGO sets? I have seen the LEGO storage boxes like #5001388, but do not know if they are any good?

I'm afraid that redesigning our house or building a "LEGO cave" is not an option for us at the moment! I also look at LEGO as an heirloom, so selling isn't an option either!

Your thoughts on the subject would be very much appreaciated, especially with a LEGO "modular" Christmas just round the corner......


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