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Halloween Theme - What To Do?

koozkooz Connecticut, USAMember Posts: 158
So I've been desperate to add sets to my Halloween display. Arkham Asylum makes a nice addition to HH and Vampires Castle, as does the HP Graveyard Duel, but otherwise, Lego offers slim pickins.

I ordered a set from Cobi, which came and was okay, decent quality, but nothing special. I also got the Kre-O Cityville Invasion castle set, which sucks because it isn't minifig scale and the only feature--some vibration thing--doesn't work.

So today I came across Lite Brix Zombie Manor. I'd never seen it before, and I had the feeling Lite Brix weren't very good, but at $29.99 I figured I'd risk a loss. Turns out retail is $69.99, so I got a steal. I'll say this, it isn't worth $70, but is probably okay for $30. The zombie minifigs are pretty decent. The lights blink and flash so it looks like there's a rockin' Halloween party going on. There are a ton of stickers and the instructions say to look at the box to learn where to place them! The bricks clutch fine, but are very difficult to get together, and the build is stupid--unsupported structures and the like.

But until TLG starts offering more than crappy bats and pumpkins for Halloween, I'm stuck with inferior clone brands. Has anyone found anything decent out there? Or can anyone think of the Lego builds that are compatible with a Halloween theme (haunted houses, graveyards, etc.)?


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