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Lego HMV Production 4000009 Instructions

luke1979luke1979 Member Posts: 14
edited March 2015 in Collecting

Hi All,

I thought I would give this ago again as it has been a while....

I know this is a long shot but thought I would ask and apologies if there is already a live thread regarding this...

I am looking for help with the following models:

4000009: HMV Production

I have purchased what I think is all the bricks to complete this model but unfortunately I have been unable to complete.

This is the only item that I have outstanding from the factory sets and I am desperate to be able to complete....Please help!!

I was wondering if any one has MOC/LDD/Instructions that you could share with me to complete.

Also I am very much into the Lego Architecture and have all the models produced so far but would like to expand maybe with your own creations so any help with MOC/LDD would be much appreciated.

Thanks for you time and help in advance



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