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10194 Emerald Night Train .. Carriages ? Motorise? Track?

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I have just bought this for me and my lad. Has anyone got any place which sells the carriage as there is only one ? Also what is the easiest motor to get it running ? Can I use 8293? What is the best trakc set to get from scratch as I don't have any.

Thanks :)


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    I found you can use
    - 8884
    - 8882
    - 8878
    - 8887
    - 8867
    - 8870
    - 8879
    but doesn't say 8293. Also which of above is a minimum to motorise the train ?

  • I am not sure of the part number but I took the motor from my passenger train and put it in and it works fine. Unfortunately they don't sell the carriages separately so your only option is ebay, amazon or something like that. As far as track you can buy track pieces from LEGO directly.
  • Yes, you can buy the car only, but that is absurd when the whole train is $89 @ Amazon.

    If they wanted $35, I'd be MUCH more interested...
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    Hey thanks for the messages. I agree I paid 69 GBP so I could still do the same buy a second set and pull the carriage and flog the train !
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO USMember
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    Yes, you can buy the car only, but that is absurd when the whole train is $89 @ Amazon.

    If they wanted $35, I'd be MUCH more interested...
    While it is absurd to the trained LEGO AFOL, most people to not want to buy a whole other train set to get a car, and most probably do not want the hassle of trying to sell the locomotive only.
    I thought about doing something like this, but decided it was not really worth it.
    is 69 GBP a good price? I dunno seems kinda steep.. but I got cars off of eBay for about 50-55 a car, but then again it is the US.
  • i had the same problem RE the carriage and so bought a second set. I'm now wondering if the engine could be MoCced into a different kind of engine e.g. a shunter, rather than selling it.

    You cant use 8293 as the battery box is too big. You need the 8878 battery box and 8882 motor, plus some lights and IR etc. Its all in the Emerald Night's instruction book at the end.

  • Well, I'm in the US, so perhaps my view is a bit different.

    As for selling the locomotive only, for $20 I wouldn't bother, I'd keep the extra loco for parts, never can have enough parts. :)

    Still, it is VERY rare that I buy two of anything, usually just the Star Wars battle packs to get more mini-figs, otherwise I only own one of each set, other than investment sets.
  • Well I am in the US as well... and I bought my cars back when someone was listing many of them via eBay and got a few. I have been tempted to buy more emerald night trains I would have done it if TRU's stupid checkout would have reflected the limit 2 listed in the actual Emerald Night listing on their site, but I did not and then it sold out.
  • Bought another :) Normal Red Train from Amazon which is currently on offer 69 GBP delivered @ Amazon and the train crossing @ 10 and some tracks :)
  • As for extra carriages, you are able to get them off of eBay for $50-$70 on a rare occasion. It might be easier to buy another copy of 10194, and sell the locomotive. I've seen one loco sell for $70 (with box and manuals) + $10 shipping, but then again selling is a hassle :(
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember
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    Bought another :) Normal Red Train from Amazon which is currently on offer 69 GBP delivered @ Amazon and the train crossing @ 10 and some tracks :)
    So far youre following my bricklist - you might find this useful :)
  • ^^--- Selling is a hassle to certain people,I sell sets on eBay (both new and used) and I have thought about breaking up sets, but it may take extra time I simply do not have.. plus I think there are a handful parts parts for the carriage that are in the Loco bags, so it is not like you can just split the bags to sell (which I guess is not a big deal if you are building the carriage for yourself)
  • So ONLY the rechargeable battery box will fit .. not a empty one I can put some recahrgeable AAs in ?
    If so what is the code? Thanks
  • You can use this one which takes AAAs
    but not the AA one.
  • Thanks.

    I will try and get a cheap 88000. Should have got 2 x Lego Red Trains for all the duplicate Power Functions and could have sold set without. Cheapest I can find is around £14 from Ebay or Lego.
  • Should have got 2 x Lego Red Trains
    you still can :)

  • If you need a battery box that takes batteries, just ask... :)

    We have powered all of our trains using the rechargeable batteries, so we have plenty of the boxes laying around that take batteries that we can't use.

    Need one? :)
  • ^that sounds expensive! Always interested in battery boxes over here. You should put them on your trades list.
  • I should have a trades list to begin with! :)

    After the holidays, I'll put together a bricklink store, right now just too busy buying stuff! :)

    Actually, all joking aside, I've taken too much time off work to shop, now I have to get back to earning money, you know, to feed the addiction!
  • @LegoTexasFan if you're giving away the battery boxes, I'd love one for my Brick Friday Emerald Night :)
  • :) Giving away is such harsh language... How about trade for something very reasonable?

    I'm currently building a polybag collection, do you have any you'd care to trade for it?
  • I'd also be interested in a couple AAA battery boxes. Shoot me a PM and we can try and work something out.
  • LFTexas... I may be interested in a battery box also. I just need to read through this thread and see what I need for the emerald night train.
  • Motorize your Emerald Night by adding LEGO Power Functions:

    #8882 Power Functions XL Motor
    #8878 Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box
    #8887 Transformer 10v DC adapter
    #8884 Power Functions IR Receiver
    #8870 Power Functions LED Lights
    #8879 Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control!

    If you use the battery box that comes with the Yellow/Red cargo or Red passenger trains, you can skip both the Rechargeable Battery Box and the 10v DC adapter

    Then you just need this:

    #8882 Power Functions XL Motor
    #8884 Power Functions IR Receiver
    #8870 Power Functions LED Lights
    #8879 Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control!
  • Edit: do keep in mind that the battery box goes in the second green car, the thing that should hold the wood (forget what it is called, tender I think). You also have to rip out the guts a bit, the firebox and some of the interior detail come out, but there should be instructions in the back of the manual for Emerald Night on what to do.
  • Is there something special about the carriage for the Emerald Night? Does it have hard to find pieces or colors that make the carriage desirable by itself? Wouldn't it be cheaper to Bricklink the pieces rather than buy a second set just for the carriage?
  • ^--- all depends on the want.
    Im guessing more people either do not know about BL, or just do not want to try to build one trying to get all the parts from different sellers.
  • @bluelion3 the windows for the carriage only come on the Emerald Night. They are going for $1.50 a window on BrickLink and 10 are needed for the carriage.
  • Thanks for Info. and offers !!!
    Well I normally live in Finland so postage would probably cost more than the Box. :(
    But anyway very nice offer LegoTexasFan. Thanks :)
    I will collect little by little .. won't give EN to my son for Chrimbo (it's in Grandad's loft) and will get necessary parts over time. (esp. when you have to do a sepcial build with the extra parts).
    He will receive the Red train (not cargo) which has all the eleccy bits to see how he gets on :) I also got some extra flexi track .. might have to find some straight track too.
    I think I am more excited than him !!! :D
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Administrator
    Thanks to everyone for the great info above. I have related followups...

    I have the following trains: 9V Railway Express, Yellow Cargo, Emerald Night and Maersk Train and will want to have them all motorized.

    Q: Will the remote that comes with the Yellow Cargo be able to control all 4 trains or will I need more than one?
    Q: Is it correct in that I will need the 88002 train motor for both the 9V Railway Express and the Maersk Train but not the Emerald Night which instead requires a 8882 XL motor?
    Q: I will then need Qty 3 88000 AAA Battery Boxes and Qty 3 8884 IR Receivers?
    Q: What's the benefit of the 8885 remote control?

    I try to stock up on Power Functions parts online at TRU when they run these inclusive BOGO promotions. Previously I've picked up a couple of extensions, several lights, a switch, a medium motor, an XL motor, and 3 AA battery boxes. I'm not sure what use I'm going to get out of the AA battery boxes but now seems like a good time to look at AAA boxes and train motors.
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember
    edited December 2011
    Q: Will the remote that comes with the Yellow Cargo be able to control all 4 trains .... YES
    Q: Is it correct in that I will need the 88002 train motor for both the 9V Railway Express and the Maersk Train but not the Emerald Night which instead requires a 8882 XL motor? ... YES (dont know about the 9v though)
    Q: I will then need Qty 3 88000 AAA Battery Boxes and Qty 3 8884 IR Receivers? ... YES, or the rechargeable battery if you prefer
    Q: What's the benefit of the 8885 remote control? ... its just different controls, up and down instead of dial, which are easier to use for trains IMO
  • I am looking forward to making the EN motorised but now also got a Hogwarts Express from John Lewis for £38 so couldn't resist so my son will have another set to get to grips with. This looks tricky but also a nice set too especially with the characters. Roll on Christmas morning :D
  • coachiecoachie Old South WalesMember
    Hope your Christmas morning was as enjoyable as ours!
    My son is seven, and his main "Santa" present was the 9v Railway Express. That started out well, but the need for more track soon became apparent, so I grabbed a Yellow Cargo Train I bought last year on a good discount from Harrods, on account of it having a knackered box and a sticker saying "Minor fault - non refundable"
    Unfortunately the minor fault is no motor, remote control, 8x axle wheels or 4x magnetic couplers!!!!! On closer inspection, I noticed that the box had been expertly sellotaped back together, didn't spot that in the shop at the time.

    Anyway, we got the extra track built up quickly enough and this has been the best family Lego Christmas for years, despite previous attempts with Toy Story, Star Wars, Scala and Paradisa. (12 year old daughter too)

    I have just found a 4958 Monster Dino up in the loft and I think it will make a perfect donor for the Emerald Night I bought on impulse during the summer, fearing it may run out.

    Off to Cardiff tomorrow to find a motor for the yellow Cargo Train, may even get the Maersk Train, so that needs another motor, another one for the Hogwarts Epress and then the Toy Story one.

    Does anyone know how easy it is to convert the old 9v stuff over, I have a 10001 somewhere gathering dust!

    Life was so simple when there was only Star Wars and Classic Space for me to worry about.
  • brclark82brclark82 Member
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    I'm not sure why this is so difficult for me, I'm sure after I do it once it will all make sense but this is my first time. So I have my EN just sitting on a shelf and it's the one and only train I own so I thought it was time to get some track and get the thing moving. After looking on s@h I couldn't make a decision on what to do. I had contemplated getting the red cargo train or the cargo train and just using the PF parts from it to power my EN and then switch them out every once in a while since I don't have room for two trains but it looks like the cargo trains use 88002 for the motor while the EN uses the 8882. Is that correct and if so is that the only additional part I would need? Also, I am considering getting the Maersk train as well so I may just buy the parts separately but was wondering if the Maersk train used 88002 or 8882. Thanks for your help.
  • graphitegraphite USMember
    The only train that needs the 8882 motor from the newer trains is the EN. And i'm sure if you wanted to you could use the other motor type in place of one of the sets of wheels and ignore the gearing they built into the EN. I just did this last night.
  • tdhbrtdhbr Member
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    Like many others I'd like extra passenger cars for my Emerald Night. It appears that engine/tenders are fairly available, but not the cars (and I understand why). Has anyone tried Bricklink-ing the EN passenger car? Is it possible to get all the pieces? Or should I just get a full new/used set at the best price I can and sell off what I don't want? I don't care about the minifigs, or even the stickers.
  • The tan windows are the difficult part to get. You need 10 per car and they start at around $2-3 a window (on the low end).
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember
    Ive bricklinked a number of them and they're not cheap, but cheaper than buying sets and splitting them. Many of those parts are rare and the price is going up rapidly.
  • I Bricklinked 2 of them last month, I think it came to roughly £85 for 2 cars, including postage - I had to order from 8 different sellers.

    One thing I cheated on was the 2x4 light bley slopes for the roof, you need 14 for 1 car and it might be hard to find a seller with a lot of them / at a decent price. I replaced them with the slopes you can find in 7065 Alien Mothership, the only difference is these have 'tubes' on the inside of the brick, but they're much easier to find and a lot cheaper. - slopes from the EN - slopes from 7065
  • I just got 20 of the tan window frames from LEGO. I just called and asked if they had them in stock. They cost around $15 plus shipping.
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember
    ^^ I did that with the roof slopes too.
  • It was my understanding that the later production runs of the EN had the alternate 2x4 slopes, with tubes, in any case?
  • Ah yeah, Bricklink has them down as alternate parts. My train came with the original slopes, didn't realise they changed it later.
  • tdhbrtdhbr Member
    Follow up ... I got quite lucky and found a single Bricklink seller with all the parts for one carriage, missing just the light grey 1x2 plates. The windows and train base were a little pricey, but I took the whole lot anyway. Then ordered the power functions, battery box, and LED part from LEGO (went to the store and used Shop&Ship). Total around $125 or so when all done, and the train looks so much better with two carriages.

    The only downside is that one of the power functions parts sits in the locomotive cab, the coal furnace has to be removed, and there's nowhere to put the engineer.
  • bluedragonbluedragon United StatesMember
    Hi guys,

    I would like to order parts to build an additional car for Emerald Night. Can one of you who's ordered the parts from Bricklink provide the list?

    Thanks for your help!
  • ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Denver, CO, USAMember
    @bluedragon, funny, less than 2 hours ago I created the thread "Partial Set Parts List" under "Building and Techniques" where I hope some of the partial sets part list will get posted.
  • bluedragonbluedragon United StatesMember
    what are the odds?? Thanks for the heads up!
  • Is it possible to motorize the EN with a 9v motor?
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