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Lego Storage Drawer Organizer

prophet05prophet05 United Kingdom, NottinghamMember Posts: 7
edited June 2015 in Everything else LEGO
Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a good Lego storage drawer/organizer. I know there have been many discussions on here about this and I have read them, but many times the links are dead or not specific to the UK.

So currently I am storing and sorting my Lego using organizer toolboxes from Stanley:

But I am slowly getting annoyed by stacking and restacking them always searching for the right compartment. That is why I want a drawer system. I have some shelfes above my desk and that would be the perfect place to put some drawers that are reachable and easily accessible. I have looked around a bit and I want them to meet the following conditions:

  • Drawers should be removeable so I can take often used ones out and put them next to me
  • The drawers should be separated so they can't slide sideways.
  • I'd like clear plastik drawers (or at least opaque) so I can see the parts inside them
  • I would prefer many small/medium sized compartments over few big ones
  • I want them to be high quality so I can eventually move them without things falling all over the place or them breaking after a few months
  • They should be fairly closed (especially the back) to keep the contents from collecting dust
  • They should _not_ be extremly heavy (metal casing or similar)

I am mainly interested in Lego Technic (or Creator) so the variety of parts is fairly limited. I live in the UK and do not have car therefore it would be good if I can have them delivered. I have been looking on amazon and found some systems from Draper or other companies that look decent:

I have also looked into several articles on this topic but most of them seem to refer to products that are not available in the UK:

So does anybody have any advice or experience on which drawer system to use? Currently my favorite is the Draper one mentioned earlier, but it did get some bad reviews on amazon.

I hope you guys can give me some advice.

EDIT: Sorry about the bad formatting, fixed that.


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