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Export Sets Owned as an XML File to Upload to Bricklink

aedangaedang UKMember Posts: 2
Hi all,

I'm just wondering is there a way to Export Sets Owned as an XML File to Upload to Bricklink, I know you can do it with sets wanted, but you don't currently have the option to do it for sets owned.

The reason for this is that I am about to immigrate and I have 100's of sets that I unfortunately cannot brink with me, I have all my catalogue on Brinkset and don't fancy having to go through and add them all individually to brinklink to sell.

Can this be set up, or can some one advise me on a work around. I did look at the process for uploading and xml file on there, so even if the export from brinkset wasn't complete, like didn't have the qty, etc, but was in the correct format, even that would save a lot of time.

Sorry if I am being stupid here and totally missed an easy way to do it.

Any advice would be appreciated

Kindest regards



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