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Anyone here have a GoPro?

HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 5,987
I'm thinking of buying one, probably a Session, for a forthcoming vacation.

I'd also be interested in seeing if it's possible to mount it on a LEGO train and relay live video back to a tablet via the Android app. From what I've read in the app store and also the GoPro website it appears that it's possible, since you can 'see what your camera sees' but before I go ahead and purchase I wonder if anyone here can confirm it.



  • JenniJenni USAMember Posts: 1,278

    Someone in our LUG ( has made a train car that holds his GoPro and we use it at most of our displays, just placing the car in front of the train. He has it feeding into a tablet that is hooked up to a TV but that's the extent of my knowledge. It's hugely popular with kids.

    I'll see him tomorrow, do you want me to ask him to get in contact? Or would you rather work it out yourself? :)
  • rdflegordflego in a world of his ownMember Posts: 320
    Try for reviews on action cameras, I'll let others comment on compatability with Lego
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 5,987
    Jenni, yes please.

    ^ will do, thanks.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 15,685
    I bought a SJCAM sj4000 (a knock-off GOPRO) and have to say it is excellent. I paid just under £45 for it, but there are slightly more expensive ones available now with WIFI for remote control. You can also relay video back to their android app with the WIFI model.

    Again, techmoan has reviews of them, although they are slightly out of date now about the features.
  • XefanXefan Member Posts: 1,149
    Bit late to the discussion, but we picked up a GoPro last weekend for when we go scuba diving in St. Lucia early next year so figured I'd add my experience. We ended up getting the Hero 4 Silver, we were going to get the black but apparently it overheats rapidly in it's case when doing 4k video, so is basically just outright broken - they argue it's okay to claim on the packaging it can do 4k video at 30fps and can take an hour or whatever of video at that resolution, because you can do these things - just not at the same time. That's obviously nonsense and grossly misleading, they obviously couldn't get the tech to work right, so rather than perfect it decided to sell a broke product. It also has no screen, so the combination of the silver having a screen and the fact that the black is broken swayed us back to the silver.

    The session is obviously a smaller device, but similarly I've heard because it's relatively new technology it has a lot of teething problems, which is why we stuck with the silver.

    We've not mounted it on any Lego trains yet, or taken it diving with us, but we did mount it onto our dogs at the weekend with the special dog harness you can buy, and well, it worked great - interesting seeing a dog's perspective of the world as they bomb across the freshly plowed fields behind our house and jump 7ft into the air to catch their frisbee. If it can happily put up with that, then I don't see the relative tameness of a Lego train journey being particularly challenging! Of course, if you're using it for that I can see why you may be attracted to the session - it's slightly smaller size probably makes it easier to mount in such circumstances. Remember though if you don't need the exterior casing which is what adds the bulk of the size to them because you're not filming in a rough environment, even the silver/black are tiny cameras when caseless if you can fashion a mount for them like that.
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 5,987
    I bought a Sesson in the end. It's slightly wider than 4 studs but can be fitted into a 6-wide wagon with a bit of SNOT-work. I'll be taking it to STEAM and relaying the preview video to a tablet.
  • kiki180703kiki180703 Montreal, CanadaMember Posts: 992
    @Huw I think you mean a Gopro Session :o)
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