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SMCSMC UKPosts: 929

News from CM4Sci who has seen pictures, guess we all will soon 

Microfighters -

Ghost looks different from the SDCC one, Hera included

Tie Advenced Prototype has a TIE Pilot? Dunno the specific name.

Wookie Gunship has a Wookie. tongue

AT-DP has an AT-DP pilot.

2 black boxes for TFA sets.

Sets -

Rebels Battle Pack - Looks like one of those Speeders the Scout Troopers usually use, but beefed up a bit. Stud shooters on each side. Minifigures are tan, no printing, one has a Greedo head. Others have A Wing pilot helmets and one of those 2009 Hoth helmets in sand green. Two have jetpacks. Plenty of stud shooters.

Empire Battle Pack - 4 Stormtroopers, all look the same. One has a jetpack. Plenty of stud shooters. Main build is a small station. Spring shooter cannon, aside is a seat with stud shooters, and behind it is what appears to be a station with small monitors.

2 blank box battlepacks for TFA.

Obi Wan's Jedi Interceptor - looks just like Anakin's. Has a red droid. Obi-Wan. Green spring shooters.

Droid Escape looks the same, R2-D2 has a plain silver dome so I'm assuming new print? Maybe? 2 Jawas, no capes, 2 guns (not stud shooters) Actual pod isn't a cone shape this time, it's like a big cylinder.

Hoth Attack looks kinda plain and boring. Some plates, with some small snow bits, random tan/dark tan plates. Tall white tower with a shooter thing. Probe droid included - minifigs are Hoth Han, Snowtrooper with a really neat looking stud shooter cannon, and a Hoth soldier.

Bespin Freezing Chamber - Interesting design. It's rather small. Think... 4 fractions of an octagon. 1st fraction has a computer and an Ugnaught. 2nd fraction has 2 stair pieces put together with the neon orange lights. 3rd has on the bottom what I think is a pin you can pull out, it is attached to the middle bit which is Han in Carbonite on a small stand. Last fraction has Boba (printing everywhere, cape) and what looks like a very small elevator or something? Platform on 4 tall bricks.

Those are all of the sets I've been given images of. No blank boxes for the potential TFA sets on the normal set pages, maybe the photographer skipped a page or two, I dunno. Enjoy! grin



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