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Do anomaly sets have an increase or decrease of value?

MynattMynatt OH/NYMember Posts: 536
A few years ago at Brickcon in Chicago, there was a raffle for a sealed White Boba Fett... but this was no ordinary White Boba Fett... this one was a mess up. Rather than getting a helmet, head, torso, legs, the bag contained a helmet, head, and two pairs of legs with no torso. Without the torso, it felt to me a decrease in value, however it was an already rare polybag and with this rarity, it made it very rare. Does it make it more valuable or less?

I guess also does faulty printing on mini figures increase value? The new C-3PO has had complaints about offset eyes.

There was also an incident where someone had found the printing of a clone trooper's head was on the back rather than the front and was selling it for a high price. (No idea if he sold it) 

My same question goes for sets such as: 
BTTF Delorian:  Error in printing "Sheild Light From Eyes"
The Antman set before they caught the error with the legs
The faulty Wall-e sets
The Star Wars Ghost with the Protaganist having black rather than brown hair


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