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Help! I just changed my email and I can't do a thing with it....

canadianbrixcanadianbrix Toronto, CanadaMember Posts: 37

I hope someone can help me fix my account here at the forum.

After updating my account with a new associated email address I have been "locked out" of contributing to discussions or posting anything.  It seems I need to click a link in a confirmation email sent to my new address.  Trouble is, it never arrives.  Either I was an idiot (it has been the case before) and entered my new email incorrectly,  or the system is somehow messed up.  Either way, I can't use my account other than to read posts. The system seems to work because to post this note, I signed up for a new account and the confirmation email arrived and worked just fine.  So that means I am an idiot and entered my new email incorrectly.

How can it be fixed? Is there an administrator out there who could alter my profile for me? I currently can't get to the email change part of that profile either to change it again.

Thanks if advance.



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