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Building/sorting strategies

I have 72 Lego sets - mostly about 30 years old, and maybe 15-20,00 pieces. Most of my lego was in a shed attacked by racoons and I've spent a year cleaning/disenfecting and sorting and storing in boxes. Over the last year I've only been buying and building only very small sets that can be done in less than 30 minutes - as I have a very busy schedule. Recently I got a 42024 Container truck [940 pieces] and a 21108  Ghostbusters Ecto-1 [439 pieces]

The larger one, I've presorted pieces into groups and stored in a fishing tackle box - but still have not had time to build. Yesterday I switched to the Ghostbusters Ecto, and just put all the pieces in the original box- but its taking forever finding the pieces I need [and its not fun], but it seems overkill to presort 439 pieces.  Older Lego sets tended to have larger pieces. I'm looking for info on strategies.

I don't have a dedicated work area,  I can only use the dining room table when there is noone else around and need to be able to move all the lego off it on short notice.


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