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Building Fail - Rookie Mistake?

ToninhoToninho Northeast EnglandMember Posts: 6
Well first off let me just say that I'm new here, I've put a post in the intro section on Tuesday with plans for the GF and I to build our #10220 VW Camper Van the following day (yesterday).

I decided it might be nice to make a time-lapse video of the two of us building it as it would be quite long. All did not go to plan!

As we were building we noticed that all of the parts were in 'random' bags, it didn't follow any sort of pattern, so we had all of the bags open and strewn across the table taking parts as and when we got to them in the instructions. That was until we got to the axel/stick things which we thought were missing from the box as we checked and checked each bag multiple times until eventually the tiny bag with those parts was found cunningly hidden away in a larger bag... Not before I'd stopped the video though! :(

I didn't restart the video as I couldn't get it balanced right (I was using some bathroom scales on the table with my iPhone wedged into its handle... Not ideal and as it turns out, not easily replicated!

Anyway, here's the video, hopefully I can get the embedding to work?


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