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Info on new UCS sets

Werewolf_pooWerewolf_poo Bonnie ScotlandMember Posts: 71
(I couldn't really see any other thread on anything recent to post this to so forgive me if you see this as clutter.)

Anyway as I am real excited about the rumoured new UCS sets coming up. It got me thinking About when will they be unveiled? I'm talking of course about #75159 and #75144. Not that silly attack on hoth play set thingy.

I noticed they are both listed on bricklink as 2016 sets but there has been no details of either set provided yet and we are in March.
Is the 2016 release listing maybe more of a guess than an actual fact? Plus there's the fact that there is already two bonified SW UCS sets available to buy at the mo which have both been out for just over and just under a year (plus the UCS play set sandcrawler). This would mean 6 SW UCS sets available all at the same time (well at least 5 if the sandcrawler survives this year) surely that would be a first? Or am I missing something, as this seems fairly unlikely from my past experience of collecting Lego. 

Also what is the usual time scales between leaked "accidentally on purpose" set numbers/details, to the unveiling of box art etc, to actual release?


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