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Custom Sails?

I finally got all the Lego sets I had as a well as my brother's from my parents recently in a huge pile. I've been sorting out our respective sets, and he has the Skull's Eye Schooner, but is missing a few pieces, including the sails. I've looked on BL and don't feel like shelling out $10+/sail, so I'm looking at making replacements for him for his birthday. Before I started, I wanted to run my idea by you guys to see if you had any suggestions.

I'm going to use white broadcloth. A friend of mine has used broadcloth (sprayed with clear coat) to make custom capes, and says he can't really tell the difference between official Lego capes.

I found scans of the sails here:

Next, I'm going to convert them to shapes in Illustrator, then plot them out on vinyl. Using that vinyl as a mask, then I'll spray paint them black. 

Finally, I'll cut them out using a laser cutter, and then spray them with clear coat.

I'm really excited to be able to give these to him, and hope they work out!

I'd love to hear of anyone's experience who has worked on something similar, thanks!


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