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A new Youtube channel ! BiBouTV

BibouTVBibouTV FranceMember Posts: 2
Hi every One, 

I'm Bibou from France ! I juste created BibouTV, my first youtube channel dedicated to gaming, high-tech reviews/news and of course LEGO (builds, reviews, news).

You can check if you want my channel : 
And my first video: (i wanted to make a big set for the first one !)

It would be nice if you can tell me how i can improve my next videos in comments here or on youtube.

My goal is to post a lego video every two weeks. Not only new sets, but also some old sets, especially 1500 pieces and more.

If you want to support me, a subscription on youtube or a like would be very very very cool :)

Thanks for reading me or if you had take a look on my youtube channel guys :)

Cheers ! Bibou


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