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Edinburgh AFOL Meetup

warrenelsmorewarrenelsmore Member Posts: 77
edited April 2016 in Community and Events
Hi all,

Steve (LEGOAvon) and I were chatting and thought that we're well overdue for another meetup in Scotland. That - and I think he wants an excuse to come and visit my studio :-)

So, we're going to have an open Scottish AFOL meet, inviting any AFOLs in Scotland to come and have a cup of tea, show off your MOCs, talk LEGO etc and then go the pub :-)

When:    Saturday 21st May
Where:   My studio, just outside Edinburgh off the ring road. I'll email directions to anyone that needs them.
Times:    From around 10am
Pub: We'll adjourn at some point!

If you'd like to come, then all are welcome - Scottish or not! There's no fixed agenda or timetable, though it would be great to try to get as many people there as possible and I suspect they'll be discussion of a Scottish LUG too at some point! (big hint: I am NOT volunteering to organise that! Been there, done that...)

If you can reply here to let me know if you are coming then I can make sure we have enough biscuits! Hopefully we can tempt some of the more northerly members to come down too - LEGO_Star? We're easily accessible by train now too.

Anyway, hope to see some of you there!



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