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LEGO VIP Program Question

datkiddedatkidde Member
edited December 2011 in Shopping USA/Canada
I get their email updates and from time to time, it shoes 25 VIP Bonus Points button. Is there an actual way to redeem this or is it just an ad? Another thing, it shows my balance having 618 points in the email, but I actually have 593 online, which is 25 less. Anyone ever experience this? What gives?


  • prof1515prof1515 EarthMember
    The email "button" is just an ad. You redeem the points when you purchase in accordance with the conditions of the offer (for example, buying the sets to which it applies). If you purchase in-store with your card or you purchase online logged into your account, the bonus points are applied automatically.

    Points balances have been off recently; ever since Lego redid their website. Once again, we get an example of a website being implemented before the bugs are worked out of it. I'd suggest contacting Lego if they points aren't adjusted eventually; I've going to have to do the same thing since I've noticed my totals are off as well (they didn't give me the 149 for the Pet Shop I purchased at the beginning of November and instead gave me the 134 it would have earned had I purchased it later in the month despite charging me the earlier $149.99 price).
  • It seems like the method for viewing your point history is a lot briefer now. Is there any place on-line for getting a lengthy history of transactions and points awarding/redemption?
  • One thing to note on point balances, is that in the emails there is a date associated with the point level listed. My most recent email (received Saturday) had a point balance as of 11/26.
    Anyone on a place to get more history?
  • My point balance in the email reflected an amount of 618, 25 more than I have earned. I haven't bought anything. My balance should be 593, which it is online. But those 5 extra dollars would have been be nice.
  • pcironepcirone Long Island, NYMember
    25 vip points = $1.25, just fyi.
  • ^ I realize that but my points are 593, with 25 extra points I'd be at 618, breaking the next 100 point threshold, giving me $30 in rewards, vice $25.
  • @datkidde your best bet is to call LEGO. They are friendly and would be more than happy to sort through the VIP Point issue with you.
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