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TheBigLegoski's Lego Lallapolooza Lottery!

TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski AmsterdamMember Posts: 1,172
As promised, after winning BendyBadger's bonus ball draw on the 27th of May, I will organize a raffle too.

What can you win? This! 
To my knowledge the Netherlands isn't exactly polybag heaven, but I stumbled upon this, I think at least, really fun Ninjago one in a toyshop last week. I hope you all like it too!

What do you need to do?
Be among the first hundred people to make and upload a photo showing your minifigs going about their business, with a little descriptive text and/or title. Off course you may post several times if you like, but only your first post WITH an uploaded picture you took will count as your entry number for the raffle.

I just took a picture of Nya in her Samurai Mech taking care of Bucko the Sky Pirate.
I call it: The Flintlock Happy Pesky Pirate.

What will determine who will win?
On June the 10th (coming Friday) the (Dutch) 'Staatslotterij' will hold its next lottery draw.
The brickset member to enter and win (starting with 01, 02, etc. all the way up untill 98, 99, and finally: 00), is the person whose entry number corresponds with the last two numbers of the lottery ticket that wins the 'hoofdprijs' (main price, which is always guaranteed to be drawn unlike the jackpot for instance) of €1million. Ooh and just to be extra clear; it is the regular 'hoofdprijs', NOT the 'XL hoofdprijs' (also of €1 million), that determines who wins the price. That person shall receive a new and sealed poly-bag  #30421  with Bucko the Sky-Pirate and his little propeller aeroplane.

Good luck everyone!

I am looking forward to see all the beautiful, cool, wacky, funny, awesome pictures I am sure you will all be uploading of your own Lego sets/creations/diorama's.

@bendybadger ;
Don't be late! Hurry, hurry! Enter now while you still can!


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