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Duplo MOCs - Can't wait till my kids are old enough for the real stuff...

the1whitetigerthe1whitetiger in a pile of LegoMember Posts: 19
Hi, i am a mom of 4 and I looooove Lego. My oldest one is 4, my youngest are twins, 9 months old. After my son got his first Duplo set 5931 we quickly discovered, that with 30 pieces we were able to build a lot of cool stuff. BUT everytime we wanted to build something even cooler we ran out of some colors, shapes or had no bricks left at all. So I kind of went nuts an bought a bit more duplo. I am not the most creative Lego builder, but I just wanted to show you some projects we built over the past few years. And the best thing: we spent time with the kids! I can't wait till they are old enough to play with small lego, but for now, duplo is okay for me.

My favorite: The throne. It was the perfect size for the kids...

Another one with table. This was actually the first project we did...

A layout. Not as detailed with duplo, but still a lot of fun to play with... My son decided that fighting over things was stupid, so he made sure the Knights discussed the matter first (right tower)

One of manybuilt churches. Our last one had a slot for a smartphone. We played organ music and had enough benches inside for a lot of figures plus a gallery with the organ.

So let me know what you think! We are out of ideas on what to build next. We also had a boat, an airplane, a lighthouse and the usual stuff (barns, houses...). This is only a small amount of the duplo we have, so we hope you have some great ideas for us!



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