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Just picked up a Friends set

streekerstreeker FranceMember Posts: 299
edited December 2011 in Collecting
Went to my local toy shop and was happily surprised to see a bunch of Friends set. Everything was on the shelf except for Olivia's house, the dog show, and the talent show. The girls decided to get 3931, Emma's pool or something like that for 6 euros. Nice little set. Paired Emma up with the French artiste CMF series 4 and the two got along very well.

How does the fig compare? I don't know Polly Pockets or even Belville, I know Playmobil. The figs are a cross between Playmobil and LEGO. Emma's got big, big eyes, a sweet face, a raised button nose (!), with a pointed chin (!!). Her hair is rubbery and very detailed with a braid. Beautiful printing on her shirt with a metallic flowery graphic, and her shoes are printed, too. When you put the artist beside her, she's about a 1 cm taller. Comes in the same number of pieces as a reg fig - head, torso, legs, hair. Her proportions are the most dramatic difference - she's elongated, longer arms and longer legs and skinny like hell. Full articulation everywhere -head spins, arms turn, torso bows - except for one key area: her legs are like playmobil figs, fully immobile, you can't do a split like you can with the regular figs.

The set itself is small but nice, beautiful pastel colours like pale pink and lime green. The pool has some nice transparent blue pieces.

The girls liked it, so we might get the treehouse 20e or cafe 30e when it goes on sale.


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