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feedback wanted on a lego photography related idea

nexandernexander Glasgow Member Posts: 628

Ok, this idea is one I thought of whilst my mind was wondering while driving so might be a bit iffy.

I am doing a local event in October for fairy bricks and struggling to obtain good lego themed decorations for the hall. I have thought it would be cool if I could get some afol amateur Lego photos printed a2/a1 size and put them round the hall, a bit of a afol gallery type thing.

I have 1, possibly 2 picks good enough so was wondering, in theory, if you guys could 'donate' a fav pic you have done? I would make sure your Flickr feeds etc are noted.

Also I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on covering the costs.  its about £6-8 per a1 print. Do you think people would buy smaller prints/postcards? Or sell/auction off the big prints instead of using them at future things? Any other ideas?



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