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(US) Poly Bags, CMFs

jerjer USMember Posts: 3
Due to some pressure from a significant other, I've agreed to 'thin out' my Lego collection a bit.  That said, she doesn't really see the distinction between actual sets and poly bags, just wants to know I got rid of something...  To that end, below is a list of poly bags and promotional sets I'm willing to part with.  Make a reasonable offer and it shall be accepted.  I've also listed a couple of duplicate sets I have if anyone is interested in any of those.  Don't ask me to figure out what the CMF's are, I have zero talent for that unless they're really obvious.

#30152 Mining Quad Qty 1
#30167 Iron Man vs. Fighting Drone Qty 6
#30228 Police ATV Qty 4
#30230 Mini Mech Qty 2
#30246 Imperial Shuttle Qty 1
#30284 Tractor Qty 4
#30305 Spider Man Super Jumper Qty 3
#30312 Demolition Driller Qty 5
#30315 Space Utility Vehicle Qty 4
#30447 Captain America's Motorcycle Qty 1
#30602 First Order Stormtrooper Qty 3
#30603 Batman Classic TV Mr. Freeze Qty 1
#40056 Thanksgiving Qty 1
#40078 Hot Dog Cart Qty 5
#40079 Mini VW T1 Camper Qty 4
#40082 Christmas Tree Stand Qty 3
#40083 Christmas Tree Truck Qty 3
#40106 Toy Workshop Qty 2
#40107 Winter Skating Scene Qty 4
#40108 Lego Balloon Cart Qty 8
#40109 Mini Mini Cooper Qty 4
#40124 Winter Fun Qty 1
#40125 Santa's Visit Qty 1
#40138 Holiday Train Qty 1
#40139 Gingerbread House Qty 3
#40220 London Bus Qty 5
#40221 Lego Fountain Qty 4
#5001622 Lego Store Employee Qty 1
#5001623 Jor El Qty 3
#5001709 Clone Trooper Lieutenant Qty 5
#5002126 Martian Manhunter Qty 2
#5002812 Classic Spaceman Set Qty 4
#5002943 Winter Soldier Qty 5
#5002947 Admiral Yularen Qty 2
#5003082 Classic Pirates Set Qty 4
#5004419 Classic Knights Set Qty 4

Disney CMF Qty 49
Lego Movie CMF Qty 16
Simpsons Series 1 CMF Qty 32
Simpson Series 2 CMF Qty 32

#10237 Tower of Orthanc
#10188 Death Star
#76023 Batman Tumbler


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