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hello fellow lego chums

bookmumbookmum londonMember Posts: 706
hello to all fellow lego fans. I am a 41 year English girl and new to this internet lark (don't laugh) so I hope i'm doing this right. I'm not new to lego though .I got my first set for my 6th birthday and it was the Fabuland set Catherine Cat's House . I then spent the next 6 years growing my fabuland world, getting my last set for my 12th birthday (Hannah Hippo and Mike Monkeys bus). I may not have got any more new sets after that but I never stopped loving my Fabuland. Years later I was starting to be interested in lego again, mostly just admiring from afar but the Star Wars sets came along and it was a bit cool to be an adult and into lego. I bought several of the sets (even though to be honest I wasn't a massive Star Wars fan). This went on for a few years, also buying sets such as some Harry Potter ones, but eventually I stopped. Then 8 years ago I had a daughter and obviously I had to start getting her into this amazing toy. Father Christmas bought her 2 duplo sets when she was 18 months old. She moved to regular lego when she was 4 or so. Now a whole corner of our living room is The Lego Corner. There is the box of random bricks, box of 'her' sets, box of 'my sets' and a box of Lego Friends (technically hers but I think I secretly love it more). Oh and of course a box of the carefully kept Fabuland. I have been very excited to discover there is a whole world of other adult lego fans and I hope some of you out there will become chums with me. Thanks for reading.


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