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Barnes & Noble Lego Clearance

starfailurestarfailure Member Posts: 133
edited September 2016 in Shopping USA/Canada
Lots of Lego on clearance (50%) at Barnes & Noble stores.
Some stores pull the clearanced sets to the designated tables, but others (like mine) left them completely unmarked and unstickered, so I manually checked each with the website's "Pickup in Store" button.
Seems to be mostly large(r) Ninjago and Chima sets, but I found a 79117 - Turtle Lair Invasion and a Lego 60097 - City Square, as well.
If you have the membership, it's an additional 10% off. If you find a lot worth buying, you can open a membership and get the discount to help pay for it.

I bought:
70734 x2 - Master Wu Dragon <$20
79117 - Turtle Invasion Lair ~$55?
70749 - Enter the Serpent <$30
70750 - Ninja DB X <$40
70132 - Scorm's Scorpion Stinger <$20

Other I left, such as:
70735 - Ronin R.E.X. ~$25
70226 - Mammoth's Frozen Stronghold ~$30
70725 - Nindroid MechDragon ~$45
60097 - City Square ~$95

Some sets showed available on the website, but I couldn't locate them in the store. Examples:
Deep Sea Exploration
Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty

Good luck.



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