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My name is Austin and I live in Austin, TX

ClutchPowerClutchPower Austin, TexasMember Posts: 206
Hi Everyone,

My name is Austin, and I'm currently a TFOL colecting various things, one including LEGO. I not much of a person who makes good MOCs, but I like making small cities or things from movies. I just enjoy LEGO like all of you. My parents still kinda like how I still like LEGO's for my age, and encourage me to do it more instead of electronics or doing other things.

 I kinda have tho thank my Dad for introducing it to me, since he took me to LEGOLAND when I was three. He then got me the smaller kits with the simple bricks, and then the licensed themes, which I think is still why I like it. I don't have much LEGO's as I have seen some people, but I have a considerable amount where I can still organize my things and still have space.

I have been looking around the forums for about 6 months and enjoy the nice community of AFOLs and TFOLS there are. It's a nice group and I hope I can be part of the Brickset Familly! Thanks for reading!



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