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[New feature request] Animals/Creatures collection?

SammaelSammael Member Posts: 11
I'm sure I'm not the only one who maintains a collection of not only minifigures, but also animals, dragons and other fantastic and SF creatures. LEGO has released a lot of them over the years, and also a lot of brick-built creatures as well (various Ninjago dragons, Shelob and ent from LOTR, etc). I'd love to be able to maintain a collection of these creatures here on Brickset :)

Now, I know this is a much more complex task since creatures are not as easily singled out as minifigures, but I'm willing to volunteer my time to go through the set database and add info about creatures for sets if this is something that could be feasibly added. One way would be to link (some of) the data from Bricklink does have most of the non-brick-built ones in their animal categories, though they are mixed with parts so the process could not be automated like for minifigs.

Thoughts? Feasibility?


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