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Brickset Bonus Ball Draw - Win an amazing something that I have spare

bendybadgerbendybadger ::1Member Posts: 1,084
Welcome all to the weekly bonus ball draw

I am ill prepared as usual and have not even though of a question let alone a prize but I know most people do it for the kudos of being the weekly winner.  Anyway the prize is going to be something that I dig out of my pile of Lego. We all love a mystery prize anyway!

Simply answer the question below to get a number in this weeks draw.  First 59 answers.

So without further ado I will pose this weeks question.  This follows on from @snowhitie 's question last week.

What is your worst habit?

I think my worst habit would be half listening. Sometimes when people talk to me and I see something interesting I totally shut off from listening to what they are saying to concentrate on the more interesting thing.  

Wife: We really need to discuss where we are going on holiday this year.  I would like to..........
Me: <ooh squirrel>
Me: <He can't half run up that tree>
Wife: blah blah blah
Me: <Wonder if he will fall?>
Wife: (SHOUTS) You're not listening again are you?
Me: errr err a little? Something about holidays.
Wife: That was 5 minutes ago. <Shakes head, storms off>
Me: Bugger! Where did that squirrel go to?

Good luck all 


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