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Late to the party: Building the Arvo Xenomorph a year later

Steve_J_OMSteve_J_OM SW LondonMember Posts: 922
I dismissed this as too big a task when the project was released, but the more recent chestburster has rekindled my interest in the Xenomorph. I have downloaded the Excel spreadsheet of parts that I found on an older thread here, but I figured the landscape might be a bit different now than it was a year ago (e.g. parts becoming harder to find, or maybe becoming easier to find with new sets). 

So a few questions for those who tackled the project:
  • What is the general availability of the pieces used in the project?
  • What are the most rare/expensive pieces, and what (if any) are decent substitutions?
  • Roughly how much did the whole thing cost in parts?
  • Do the Arvo brothers sell digital instructions? I can only find the hardback for sale
  • Just how amazing is this thing?
I'm a little undecided about whether or not I'll go for this. 


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