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Hey, Recently out of Long Dark Age

TrikkyrTrikkyr YorkshireMember Posts: 14
Just thought I'd take 5 minutes to say Hi to the forums. 

After about 30 years I've found my way back to Lego, I grew up in the 80s with classic space etc and if I remember right sent it all to a church jumble at the end of the 80s, after buying the Ideas Doctor Who Set (Big Whovian) on a whim and enjoying it that much I then bought the Ecto-1 and Wall-E sets and it just carried on from there with sets old and new.....then I discovered modulars.

Lego interests include mainly Modulars, Mechs/Robots, Monster Fighters, Alien Conquest and Galaxy Squad and the enjoyed the recent Ninjago Skybound sets (even if I know jack about Ninjago lol) and my daughter enjoys the Elves theme so quite a few if those too.

I find Lego a great way to relax after a days work and really enjoy a Saturday afternoon with a beer some music and a decent set build, even started trying my own MOCs and mods recently.

Anyway I've found the Brickset site to be a real help in rediscovering the joys of Lego and helping to discover what sets are out there. 



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