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Parts in certain colors not appearing on Brickset?

AanchirAanchir United StatesMember Posts: 2,369
edited December 2016 in The Database
Today's New Elementary post about Assembly Square pointed out something that struck me as odd. It mentioned that the element 6082975 is not listed in the Brickset database, although it once was, and is STILL listed on LEGO Customer Service inventories for earlier sets that include it like #76019. The color of this part is 336 SILVER INK, and the same seems to apply for all other parts in 336 SILVER INK and 335 GOLD INK, including those in fairly recent sets.

Perhaps most bizarrely, Brickset seems to acknowledge that these parts are on LEGO Customer Service, despite not showing them. When you check the inventory of #71258 E.T. on Brickset, it shows the inventory as being complete with 42 parts, although the parts shown on Brickset only add up to 41! The missing part in this case is AERIAL Ø24X6.4 "NO 1000", Element ID 6051541, Design ID 15587, color Silver Ink.

I understand that the current way colors are categorized on Brickset could make listing these colors a challenge. One quirk of Ink colors is that they can refer to both "Metallic" and "Chrome" parts, depending on whether the part includes "NO. 1000" or "NO. 1100" in its part name. You can see some sample parts in these colors on Brick Colorstream:

Regardless of any complications, though, omitting these colors and all parts that appear in them isn't a satisfactory solution. I haven't checked to see if there are any other colors that are mysteriously omitted from the Brickset database despite appearing on LEGO Customer Service.


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