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US/NEARLY WW WTT Crazy Goldchains Polybag Emporium!

GoldchainsGoldchains Member Posts: 613
edited December 2016 in Marketplace

Heeeellllooooo!!!!  You trade yes?  You trade now yes?

Today I have for trade some various polybags.  I am looking for some minifigures to trade them for, please see link below:

Preference given to:  Beast Boy, Starfire, Power Man, Quicksilver

I will also entertain trading for some of the Batman Movie CMFs, preferably Glam Metal Batman, Red Hood, or King Tut(and then the other obscure villains, then the Batsuits/batfriends, then the Nurse Harley & Arkham Joker last.)

These are the polybags I have to trade:

#5002144 Ninjago Dareth vs Nindroid(don't judge me lol)

#5002943 Winter Soldier

#30303 Joker Bumper Car

#30448 Spiderman vs Venom Symbiote

#30522 Batman in the Phantom Zone(2)

#30546 Krypto Saves the Day(2)

#71342 Green Arrow Dimensions

I will trade nearly worldwide, just ask about the country first!

Please PM me if interested, and thanks for looking!  I have made several trades on the site, so ask around if curious!


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