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Wrong bag distribution in my 10232 Palace Cinema!

CaptainRogersCaptainRogers Greensboro, NCMember Posts: 416
edited January 2017 in Collecting
So I just got 10232 tonight after making a few returns. It was the last copy they had on shelves at the Raleigh NC Lego store. But once I got home and started building, something was off. I was having more difficulty than usual finding certain pieces. First the girl's hair, then parts for the car... So I moved onto the cinema itself. That's when it became apparent that I had too many of certain pieces and that I was missing other pieces. 
So what's the best course of action? I know I can go onto Lego's site and request individual bricks that were missing from a set, but I have no idea how many bricks we are talking here. Is there a good way to contact them and explain what's going on, and have them quickly fix it?
Thanks for any suggestions! This is a brand new issue for me.


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