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Brickset Bonus Ball Birthday Bonanza (my birthday not Brickset's)

bendybadgerbendybadger ::1Member Posts: 1,141
Welcome all to the bonus ball weekly draw.

This week is my <cough> 50th Birthday so it will be a special prize this week.

As usual just answer the question to get a number allocated to you.  The first 59 answers get a number that corresponds to the UK national lottery bonus ball.  If you number comes up on January the 7th's draw then you are a winner, well you are all winners in my eyes, apart from @Legoboy (far too busy looking at alerts on his watch) and @SumoLego (late to the party again no doubt)

So the question this week is tell me something interesting about the year you were born.

Mine is - The first ATM cash dispenser was used, which didn't use cards but instead used paper cheques laced with radioactive substance carbon-14 (aka radiocarbon) which the machine detected and matched to four digit pin.

Good luck all.



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