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Which pieces might work best as legal tender?

Steve_J_OMSteve_J_OM SW LondonMember Posts: 922
Quite an odd question to pose, I know.

I'm getting married in April, and the venue we've hired has an unlicensed bar. This means that we can stock the bar however we like but we cannot legally sell alchohol. Since we're not made of money and can't provide a free bar for the event, we're using a 'token' system. In this system, guests will purchase tokens at a station set up somewhere in the venue, then take those tokens to the bar and swap them for drinks. 

Naturally, I want to have my favourite hobby be a part of the day, so one idea I've come up with is to have LEGO pieces as tokens. My better half is on board with the idea, but we can't quite agree on what pieces might work best. Are bricks too bulky? Are plates too easy to lose? My personal preference is a 2x2 plate, but my fiancée thinks they would be too small. 

Any ideas? It would have to be a somewhat common piece, as I'll have to bulk order from Bricklink when we decide on the right piece. 


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