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Cincinnati OH here!

tedsaidtedsaid CincinnatiMember Posts: 20
I LOVED Legos when I was a kid. (And I know you aren't supposed to call them "Legos," but I always have and it's hard to stop).  My favorites were the space series, and at one time I had all of the current sets.  That time quickly passed of course, because there are always new ones out.  But I still have those old sets socked away.  I also had some of the "expert" sets from back in the day: the blue race car and the yellow construction vehicles and the motors and gears.  Loved that!

A few years ago I revisited my childhood obsession and started buying a few sets again, beginning with Robie House, which is fantastic.  Now I have a lot of Creator sets - which are my favorites - and quite a few Star Wars sets.  (Except for the disastrous trilogy ... I don't buy any of those.)

This looks like an awesome place.  I look forward to hanging around!




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