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Brickheadz Blank Template Bricksmith/LDR file free download.

iso3200iso3200 97 miles from Brickset TowersMember Posts: 1,540
edited February 15 in Building and Techniques
During a bit of Brickheadz research on a boring Saturday night, I came across an LDD file made by Will Kirkby that he has shared on the Flickr Brickheadz Group so people can have a quick start to digital builds.

Now I'm not a lover of LDD at all. I'm on a Mac and I find that Bricksmith suits me perfectly. Unfortunately it works with Ldraw files and does not import LDD.

As Wills LDD file is for a small build, I thought I'd recreate it in Ldraw/Bricksmith format. Please note I take zero credit for the build. This is pretty much a straight copy of Wills file, except for a couple of minor tweaks now that I've seen some real Brickheadz instructions. I hope it helps someone on a Mac who might want to experiment and save them a bit of time.

It should also work on a PC in Ldraw, though I know sometimes the zips don't always expand properly for some reason.

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