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Using Display Cases to Store Legos

Skiwolf7Skiwolf7 USAMember Posts: 2
Hey guys,
Curious question:  I am an avid Lego collector of all themes.  I am running out of room to just have sets in various places around the house, because I am worried that they will be exposed to too much light and dust and lose value. Recently, I was over at Hobby Lobby and came across model car and sports memorabilia display cases. Is it better to leave the new sets I purchase unopened in the box to retain value or open and set them up in display cases?  I am looking for the best long term resale/collectible value?  Thanks for anyone's feedback!  Cheers!


  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO USMember Posts: 8,368
    Best resale value would be leave them boxed. But kind of silly if you are going to look like a store instead of someone enjoying the product. I have seen people here using display cases for their CMFs, and buying large display cases from places like Ikea that have glass doors to try to keep the dust off of the items and to keep them from UV damage, but it is all research and there are some existing threads that discuss this.
  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 986
    edited February 2017

    If your ultimate goal is to resell the sets, you should keep them in the box, unopened, and un-built in a cool and dry place. You can certainly still resell used sets, however it is so much more work, as you will have to disassemble them, repack them, replace lost/discolored/cracked pieces, etc. 

    While it is possible to resell used sets, when everything is equal, sets in original boxes almost always go for more. For cheap, smaller sets it doesn't make much difference, but for expensive exclusives it certainly does. People are worried that the seller substituted parts, or pieces are missing/damaged/discolored, etc. so they are willing to pay more for an unopened box.

    I would suggest to keep the sets you buy for investment purposes, and the ones you actually want to build and display, separate. The ones you buy for yourself, just build, play with, enjoy, display in a way that you feel is reasonable, and don't worry about the resale value. The ones you have for investment, keep in the original boxes and put them in storage.

  • Skiwolf7Skiwolf7 USAMember Posts: 2
    Good points, most of the sets that I want to display are under $25.  The value is in the minifigs.  I have tried to put sealed sets aside, but almost always end up building them...LOL

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