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[BE/EU] Rock That Block 01-02 April

stluxstlux LuxembourgMember Posts: 984
For anybody not (regularly) visiting Sophie Deprez's LCC site or missed it in @Huw's "quiet week" article: Belgium's LCC RLUG organises the Rock That Block event on 01-02 April 2017 in Waregem. The page is in Dutch, but there's a Google Translate button ;)

From the comments on Huw's article, it seems a fair few Bricksetters will already attend. Very eager to find out what @Huw is currently building and will bring with him, and I hope to meet many of you there!

From the event page I also learned that Sophie has started something similar to @SirKevbags' Fairy Brick, called ToverBlokjes. Make sure to contribute if you attend!


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