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Minifigs Collection improvement suggestions

ChrissyGlenChrissyGlen Member Posts: 9
I've just noticed for the first time today that the number of minifigs I own that is displayed at the top of now matches, for the first time, the total at the bottom of the mycollection/minifigs page. THe amounts not matching has bugged me for some time - so thank you :-)

While I'm here I thought I'd mention a couple of improvements to the mycollection/minifigs page that'd really help me.

1: Currently on the mycollection/minifigs page only categories that have minifigs that I have listed as 'owned' as shown. It'd be really great if categories that also have minifigs that I have listed as 'wanted' are also shown even if I don't own any in that category yet.

2: I now have an increasing number of minfigs that are listed on brickset but as they don't appear in any set I am unable to add them to mycollection/minifigs, for example - minifigs gen039, gen071 & gen076.  Weirdly, however, there are some that also don't appear in sets that I am able to list as 'owned' eg - gen033.

It'd be a really great help to have the ability to record that I own these minifigs and for them to show up in the minifig category pages.



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