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The Art of The Brick - DC Super Heroes

leego76leego76 Chandlers FordMember Posts: 334
Not seen any posts about this anywhere else but just got back from the exhibition just behind the South Bank, London

I wandered around for 30-40 minutes, definitely worth a look if you like this sort of thing.  Opening week tickets (looked like you could pay on the door) are slightly cheaper than usual and I suppose it would be quite expensive for a relatively short time if you went as a group.  Still, it was just me an its 2 minutes from work so £10 seemed fine by me.

There is a shop after the exhibition, its selling a few over-RRP sets: Elves, Technic, City, etc. but bizarrely no Super Heroes.


  • DougTemplarDougTemplar Edinburgh, ScotlandMember Posts: 432

    I'm unlikely to make it down to London for this and if it's only 40 minutes to get round I'm not thinking it's worth more than £7.50 - however I see that is £16.50 at the weekend for a single adult!
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