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Hello from the Great Land Down Under

bigcountryausbigcountryaus AussieMember Posts: 1
Hi everybody.

I was a massive fan of Lego, back when I was a kid in the late 70's to mid 80's. I still remember getting the Lego buckets out when bored during my teenage years, but always in my bedroom, never in public. From the early 90's to 2004, I never looked at Lego, but in 2004 my young nephew came to age to play with duplo, which led back to Lego, I had as much fun watching him play with Lego City, Space, Lone Ranger as I had when I was a kid, he grew out of Lego by the time he turn 11, but then my 2nd nephew, took over from his brother, I did my best to get him interested in City, but he started with Lone Ranger (why didn't Lego continued along with the western theme, who knows, but they lost a lot of fans without the western theme). My 2nd nephew, then discovered Lego Batman, he loves Lego Joker(and he owns every Lego Joker released in the last 12 years). His parents have made threats to stop buying him Lego, as his room is overflowing with Lego Batman and minifigures, but he will soon have the entire range of Lego Batman movie products.

I was always disappointed that my 2nd nephew didn't want any other Lego theme products. So after many years of just looking for my nephews, I am a proud 42 year old man and I love Lego!. Last Friday March 10th, 2017, I finally brought 2 small box sets, the new cargo plane and fire brigade. Then today, March 13th, I purchased 3 small box sets, Caravan, pick up truck, and the police bank safe chase. I also purchased a medium city box set, the gas station. Once I got home, I also brought the Lego gold mine set off eBay. The journey has only just begun.

As an Adult, why use colouring books, when Lego relieves why more stress building sets and remembering back to a more simpler time as a child.


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