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Useful BrickLink URLs

KingAlanIKingAlanI Rochester, NYMember Posts: 1,082
Here are the formats of BrickLink URLs I find useful. Change the specific IDs to the IDs of what you want. Remember the -1 in most set numbers. Other suffix numbers are rare except for CMFs and advent calendars. I bookmarked these before making a text document list. Beware of URL automcomplete filling in a different ID number. lists color IDs along with other color information. I checked the ID-name list often enough that I saved it to my computer, sorted it by number, color name and type of color, and uploaded here -
Not Applicable is color ID 0, useful for checking things like stickers, and regular parts accidentally listed without a color

I mainly sell; because I have my own inventory I rarely buy on BL, so my links focus on sellers, but include many general and a few buyer links.

Store link has username rather than store name, like

Part and color - only new listings in the US. (You need to change only the first instance of the color code. It's easy to change N to U for condition, or remove the whole " %22cond%22:%22N%22, " for any condition{%22color%22:%2211%22,%22cond%22:%22N%22,%22loc%22:%22US%22}



Set Inventory
For a non-set item, like *M*inifig or *Gear* just use that letter and the item number.

Recent sets with a specific part in a specific color
If I can't find a part, it might be in a set I haven't finished sorting. This helps me figure out what sets to look through:

>>Catalog Modification<<
I use these most often for DUPLO but occasionally catch something missing or inaccurate for regular LEGO I handle
Add set inventory -
Add item -
Image upload -

>>Other not buying or selling specific<<

My Activity Overview
Several potentially useful bits of information, including status of your catalog contributions and forum posts. I keep track of items per lot, which includes subtracting the number of stockroom lots, and this page includes that number.

Contact about a particular order (there's a link near the bottom of the order detail page; I use this template much less often now that I noticed that. Just remove '?orderID=1234567' for the main page where use typesin username or order number)

Problem Center (NPB, etc)

Removing items -

Feedback -
My Messages -
Price Guide -


Suggestion Forum -

Post to forum (this URL has Suggestions selected)


>Add to inventory<

Part out a set -

Part and color already selected
(pointed out by 62Bricks; the color part of the URL on catalog pages didn't work)

My Default Item Sell Options -

>Your Inventory<
By type -

By color - this doesn't show sets or minifigures, but some other items that don't have a color are listed under (Not Applicable).

A specific color
The 2nd link is for colors where you have enough lots to cover multiple pages. If you enter too high a page number, the site shows you page 1.

Download My Inventory (which I use for backups)

Part Out Log -

>Other Selling<
Orders Received

My Fees -
My Store Settings -
My Shipping Methods -
My Terms -
My Store Splash Page -
Lots in my inventory not yet notified -
Create Coupon -


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