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Where do you build?

MrKettleMrKettle WindsorMember Posts: 49
I'm not sure if this is the right part of the forum to be asking this but here goes...

Where do you guys build your Lego? Do you have a special table and what is your usual set up?

I ask because I have just moved house and everything got disassembled and bagged. When I come to rebuilding the Ghostbusters  HQ I don't want to just pour 4000 pieces onto my kitchen table where bits can fall off, roll around, or generally find some other way of getting lost. 

Do do you have a table with raised sides or a table with storage boxes etc... Where do you build yours?


  • The_Mad_VulcanThe_Mad_Vulcan SeattleMember Posts: 150
    I still build on the floor --> old habits die hard.

    But I'm starting to get why nobody does that, and looking to change my ways.
  • MaffyDMaffyD HuddersfieldMember Posts: 1,319

    If it's a smaller set, I build on a lap tray in the lounge using a jigsaw piece sorter to keep the lego in while I build - the instructions go either next to me on the sofa, or on a small table where I put my drink. It's a little awkward to be honest, but it means my wife and I can talk while I build and she watches 24HA&E or whatever.

    Larger sets use the same jigsaw sorter, but on the dining room table. We don't use that table much so I can leave bits out - I rarely complete larger builds in one go. In fact, I've not done a large build in ages.

    Children's sets are done wherever the children are - kitchen, sun lounge, hallway, bathroom, living room floor, table, chair. They're not fussy. It drives me up the wall (where I am sure they would also build, if it were possible :-)!

  • masterX244masterX244 GermanyMember Posts: 347
    I still build on the floor --> old habits die hard.

    But I'm starting to get why nobody does that, and looking to change my ways.
    same for the larger stuff, started that when #10212 forced me on the floor after unpacking when the entire desk was full with bags... some other large builds just made it more clear, too. small stuff can work with some boxes over the keyboard on the desk.
  • MrJacksonMrJackson Member Posts: 32
    I still build on the floor --> old habits die hard.

    I'm the same way but it depends on what I'm building. The big Technic sets demand to be built on my dining room table or the table in my sunroom if it's warm enough outside, as do modular buildings. Smaller sets like the Yellow Submarine get built on my coffee table, usually with baseball on.  When I'm working on Brickadelphia, which is down in the basement, I'm usually on the floor.  Now that the basement is almost done being tiled, I can finally start building the table for my city and most of the construction will be on that, which is waist-level. Won't kill my back or my knees.

    My one skyscraper I was working on in the dining room on my day off on Sunday.  The Wife tried to be mad that I was monopolizing the dining room table while she was grading tests, but couldn't be because I wasn't downstairs in the basement and we were able to have a seemingly rare day off together.  

    I prefer building on the floor as there's a million ways to splay out and it's throwback-y, but it's getting harder to physically do so.  
  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 897
    I have been a floor builder all my life, and I'm not planning to change my ways. No shame, no apologies. :)
  • natro220natro220 USAMember Posts: 469
    I have a Lego room where I work on MOC's, but I tend to build new sets upstairs on the kitchen table to be around my wife and dogs.  She gets mad that the newly constructed sets tend to collect on the tables and countertops (they eventually make it downstairs, I swear) but likes that I'm not secluded by myself all day during my free time.
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 919
    I build for myself in my study, on a couple of Ikea tables, upon which my modulars are laid out. Except when I've taken over the dining room table for a temporary Minecraft, or other, display.
    I build with my daughters either on their LEGO play table or, again, on the dining room table.
    My knees can't handle building on the floor anymore. :-(
  • MrKettleMrKettle WindsorMember Posts: 49
    Thanks for this. Wasn't sure what to look for. 
  • MrKettleMrKettle WindsorMember Posts: 49
    I have just taken over a property with a large  attic space with an oak beam floor so sadly building on the floor is it an option for me. I intend to have an area for building and the a mixture of tables and expedit/Kallax units to display.

    I'm of the "too old to sit on the floor" lot so I'll need a table. I'm thunking that when it comes to the bugs sets I am going to need a BIG table. 
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