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Edinburgh AFOL Meet up Tuesday 28th March

DougTemplarDougTemplar Edinburgh, ScotlandMember Posts: 432
edited March 23 in Community and Events
The irregularly scheduled Edinburgh AFOL Gathering is actually going to be on the evening of Tuesday 28th of March (shock something LEGO related I'm organising isn't on the original date as the venue wasn't available.... story of my life).

Venue is McCowans, Fountain Park, Dundee Street, Edinburgh (usual place then)

From around 6:30pm (at least thats when I should be there) until probably 9pm ish

Topics for discussion will include
* Anyone want a drink?
* Are we ordering food?
* Edinburgh Comic Con Builds
* Edinbrick
* General LEGO thoughts

Show and Tell also welcome if you have something you want to bring along and show off - even if it's just the photos.

No doubt nexander  will have invented a new game with LEGO weapon shooters or the Ninjago Flyer things.


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