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FS/FT (UK) - Various Used Sets (Star Wars, Exo Force and more)

Th1nDieselTh1nDiesel UKMember Posts: 31
Last year I picked up two boxes of Lego from a car boot sale and after picking out the sets I want to keep, I've finally got round to sorting the rest. Therefore, I have the following sets for sale.

They are all 100% complete, unless stated, though none come with boxes or instructions. Overall condition is pretty good, though since they were all mixed together I can't guarantee that all parts are from the original set. Sticker application is not always the best either. 

Price includes P&P within the UK, and I am happy to provide a price for overseas shipping. I am also open to trades - I'll eventually get round to making g a Wants list, but i am open to offers.

I am more than happy to provide photos on request.

#8088 Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter - £55 - Great condition
#8086 Star Wars Droid Tri-Fighter - £15
#7667 Star Wars Imperial Dropship (no minifigures) - £5
#7915 Star Wars Imperial V-Wing Starfighter (no minifigure/droid) - £8 - Peeling stickers
#75000 Star Wars Clone Troopers Vs. Droiekas - £8
#7049 Alien Conquest Alien Starfighter - £5
#7693 Mars Mission ETX Alien Strike (no alien minifigures or alien capsule thing) - £12
#8112 Exo Force Arachnoid Stalker - £10
#8113 Exo Force Assault Tiger - £15
#8956 Power Miners Stone Chopper - £5
#9440 Ninjago Venomari Shrine - £6
#30231 Galaxy Squad Space Insectoid - £5


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