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Question About Lego Watches

EddieDoesntMindEddieDoesntMind Member Posts: 325
edited April 2017 in Collecting
Does anybody know the size of the minifigures on Lego watches? They seem to be around the same size of a normal figure, but there isn't enough suitable pictures online to prove that. They also kinda look like they're made of a different material.


  • Penkid11Penkid11 Member Posts: 752
    Some include a minifigure that is normal sized ( #5004607 for example. Primarily Star Wars).

    Most include a smaller minifig molded across three of the chain links included in the set ( #5004604 for example). This "minifig," if you'd call it that, is a decoration and can't be played with. Most watches have this sort of "minifigure" included.
  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 987
    edited April 2017

    I have some of these. The older watches came with a separate regular minifig, and you can see this on the pictures; the minifig stands separately from the watch. However the latest watches have a moulded on minifig design on some of the watch-links. They are not actual usable minifigs. Only the front looks like a minifig. The back is just the watch-links. As far as size, these moulded on minifigs are about 2/3rd the size of normal minifigs. So go up to about the shoulder of a regular minifig.

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