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BRICK LIVE 2017 - Fan Zones

Huw kindly posted the news a couple of weeks ago that the Fan Zone submissions were open for this year's BRICK LIVE shows, but I thought I'd add a forum posting here too in case of any queries, questions etc. 

For those unfamiliar with the events they are large-scale events (10-15,000 square metres) which are open to the public for 4 days with 1 day of set-up. They generally have about 6-10,000 visitors a day.

Dates for the shows are:
  • Glasgow: 20-23rd July
  • London: 27th - 30th July
  • Birmingham: 26th - 29th October

As in previous years the following are available to all AFOLs who display their MOCs at the show:
  • Accommodation (Shared) for 4 nights per show, 
  • t-shirts for show days, 
  • lunch for show days, 
  • hi-viz vest (where required by the venue for build & break) and 
  • a thank-you present.
  • Also the opportunity to request Grant Funding to help you attend the show, pay towards travel costs etc.

Closing dates for submissions for the shows are: 
  • Glasgow: 30th April 2017
  • London: 7th May 2017
  • Birmingham: 14th June 2017

Website for sign-ups:

If you need to know or check anything, please just give me a shout here or by email

Thanks very much :-)


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