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10179 - What's it really worth?

ButchaButcha New ZealandMember Posts: 45
So I currently have a 10179 Falcon sitting around, sealed in bags (the box has significant wear, was opened to check condition), but I am having a hard time figuring out how to best sell. While rumours about a new set have been around for years, I don't want to be caught out with the current rumours, so am keen to pass it on to someone who actually wants it (I sold my personal used one years back).

The trick is how to sell. eBay seems full of nutters and has very high fees, and bricklink seems to be slow moving.
Initially I was planning to trade it, but that idea flopped.

How would you pitch it? What is it worth?  Anyone here in the market for a sealed but not mint UCS Falcon?

Cheers :)


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