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Bricklinking Green Grocer

Hi everyone

I wasn't able to find any discussions new or old that answered my couple of specific questions.  For those of you that have done it, is it possible to sub 1x4 sand green bricks in place of 1x8s? And if so, does that up the number of 1x2 Sand Green bricks that would be placed on the ends of the wall?

Also, the 1x2 with groove bricks seem to have a higher number on the parts list than are actually used in the façade. This leads me to believe that some of them are used within the build where it's not obvious that they're the modified brick rather than a standard 1x2.  How many of the groove bricks are actually used? It's hard to tell from photos.

Any advice on either would be appreciated.  GG is the only one I don't have.



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