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SDCC Super Hero Lego Polys 2011 - 2016

Brick_ObsessionBrick_Obsession in a "Brick" house - Calgary, AlbertaMember Posts: 654
Fresh out of the nut house I have decided to sell my SDCC Super Hero Polys from 2011 to 2016.

Pricing, where available for these things was all over the place.  I have done my best to be fair, in my mind.  My preference is to sell the whole lot one shot.  If that does not happen, then I will entertain small transactions.  My fear is that I end up with some of those kids who rode the front of the bus while all the cooler kids at the back are gone.

I am looking for $5000 USD for the lot.  From the research I did today, that is a steal of a deal.  Pricing is based on BL and not Ebay.

These have never been displayed and sat in a safe since there respective purchases.

Pricing does not include shipping, which I will entertain anywhere in North America and possibly EU and Britain.

Note: Green Lattern has come loose, the glue worn out.  There is no damage to the card.  Guess he was struggling getting out of that suit?



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